• U.S. Owners on average report gross sales of $202,165
    • Starting at $61,100
    • You choose: work from home or open an office
    • Strong brand differentiation in different markets
    • Strategic marketing, business plans and coaching based on 35 years of experience and over 2.5 million home inspections
    • Offered through the National Institute of Building Inspectors (NIBI)
    • Owner Operator, executive model and mass marketing territory opportunities available.
    • As an Owner, you can offer a multitude of services; buyer home inspections, seller home inspections, commercial property inspections, mold screening, radon testing and more.


  • The HouseMaster Method
    • Inspection accuracy and quality service is vital to success in the home inspection industry. Nevertheless, even the best companies cannot succeed without creating a unique and memorable experience with customers. Our experience, known as the "HouseMaster Method" includes key tools that add value to our service and differentiate the HouseMaster Brand from it's competitors. 

  • HouseMaster Inspection Resource Guide™
    • During the inspection, the exclusive Inspection Resource Guide™ will help your client make the most of their inspection experience. The Guide is designed to address many common questions regarding the home inspection process, how to make the report findings more meaningful, and what to do after the inspection.

      The Guide includes links to HouseMaster’s exclusive Home Repair videos to help HouseMaster customers long after they’ve closed on their new home. The one of kind design and information in this Guide truly adds value and understanding to the HouseMaster Inspection experience.

  • Limited Repair Reimbursement Guarantee*
    • Consumers and Real Estate Professionals alike feel more comfortable working with a firm who is confident in the quality of their service. That is why HouseMaster franchises guarantee their inspection findings and promote that fact through national and local marketing efforts.  
  • Express® Report
    • The HouseMaster Express Report has been designed to provide customers with the most comprehensive information in an easy to understand format. The HouseMaster Technical Support Team has developed templates that help streamline the reporting process. The report is fully accessible to your customers and their clients to download from our website at their leisure. 
  • Direct to Consumer Public Relations
    • HouseMaster PR Efforts have resulted in decades of quality press exposure and millions of consumer impressions, but that doesn't stop on the national leve. HouseMaster will also help position you in your local market as the expert. 
  • Online Marketing
    • Professionally designed and personalized emails and newsletters are not only created for you, you also have the option of having them distributed on your behalf.
  • Pre-Listing Program
    • HouseMaster pioneered and introduced the first Pre-Listing Inspection Program. The Pre-Listing Program includes descriptive brochures for sellers and buyers, as well as a presentation to introduce the program and promotional materials to market. 
  • Educational Talks
    • In the home inspection industry, developing local relationships will be the key to your success.  That being said, there is no more effective tool than meeting and greeting the key contacts in your community. However, time is money to busy real estate managers. That is why HouseMaster has produced educational talks, complete with scripts and visuals to use when speaking at meetings to help build your credibility.


Operations and Marketing Training

You and your staff are provided with specialized training on the HouseMaster Market Advantages, office software, telephone marketing, HouseMaster’s 12-month marketing plan, risk management, and business management topics such as financial planning, budgets, and monthly reporting.

Marketing is the name of the game and HouseMaster spares no expense in developing your sales skills. To ensure you are ready to market your services, you will participate in lecture and role-playing sessions.

These sessions will give you the foundation needed to implement the HouseMaster Sales Strategy. No other home inspection franchise system makes such a commitment to your success.

Technical Training

A substantial part of the HouseMaster training program is reserved for the all-important Home Inspection Training Technical Program. HouseMaster is the only franchise company to offer home inspection training through a state-approved vocational school - The National Institute of Building Inspectors® (NIBI®).

The HouseMaster Technical Staff established the National Institute of Building Inspectors in 1986 to provide the finest technical training and annual re-certification testing for HouseMaster inspectors. Since then, NIBI has become known as a premier training provider for the home inspection industry.

Through NIBI courses, franchisees are able to complete some or all of the locally required pre-licensure or continuing education requirements. NIBI courses provide the learning needed to help you satisfactorily complete the NIBI Certification exam and other home inspector exams required for licensure.

As part of your HouseMaster franchise, the NIBI classroom has no limits to how many trainees you may send. This is just one of the many ways we support your growth to become a multi-inspector operation.

The Learning Never Ends

To truly master the skills needed for success, your learning continues even after you complete initial training. With HouseMaster, you will have the opportunity to log on to "webinars" or participate in a conference call with other HouseMaster franchisees on numerous topics to help reinforce what you have learned and to be introduced to additional issues appropriate for your stage of development.

Our technical team also posts bulletins and updates on anything notable going on in the industry to help keep you informed and current. Training refreshers and technical sessions are also offered at the HouseMaster Annual Conference and regional meetings.

Distance Learning: NIBI® Online Campus

NIBI is one of the few inspector training organizations to provide a comprehensive distance learning program. NIBI's Online Learning Program is ideal for introductory training or re-training - or any time your inspector staff cannot take advantage of classroom training sessions. This exclusive training option gives you access to a quality learning experience wherever you have Internet access.