Q: Why should I choose a HouseMaster Franchise over other business opportunities?

A: A HouseMaster Franchise is one of the most affordable ways to develop a solid, enjoyable business in an industry that has seen consistent growth over the years. By partnering with an industry leader who has over 37 years of experience, you gain knowledge, insight and unparalleled support in all areas of the business.

Some HouseMaster Benefits include: freedom and flexibility in your schedule, multiple service offering and revenue streams, ongoing demand for our service, low overhead, the ability to work from home, and the flexibility of the business model itself. We have single owner operators as well as an executive model where franchisees with strong management and marketing skills can put them to work while hiring employees to do the inspections.

Q: Why should I choose a HouseMaster Franchise over other home inspection franchises?

A: HouseMaster is not your typical home inspection company. Like other home inspectors, HouseMaster inspectors assess the conditions of the home and provide a comprehensive inspection report, however that is where the similarity really ends. It is HouseMaster’s mission to go above and beyond, and our Approach helps customers feel comfortable about their investment decisions by educating them on the conditions of the home, teaching them about the systems in their home and how to operate them, and taking the time to make sure the customer fully understands the report findings. In a business that is so completely driven by relationships it’s the little things (ex. coloring books and crayons for the customer’s children), the personal connections, and the level of professionalism and expertise that count. Just a few of HouseMaster’s benefits are the Limited Repair Reimbursement Guarantee, Referral Liability Protection for your referring agents, top quality marketing materials and presentations for agent and lender meetings, strong national alliances with agents and lenders, and the HouseMaster CARES customer feedback program and net promoter discipline. We are also the only home inspection franchise to have our own technical training program.

As part of your research you will have access to some of HouseMaster’s unique tools, our Franchise Disclosure Document and of course contact information for our franchisees so you can hear from them directly. You will also spend an informative day at a HouseMaster Discovery Day to meet with many of the key individuals who will support your new business which will give you an opportunity to truly assess the great value a HouseMaster franchise brings.

Q: There are many home inspectors in my marketplace. How will I differentiate myself from them?

A: Here is where your investment truly pays off. With unique advantages like a Limited Repair Reimbursement Guarantee* and NIBI Certification, the HouseMaster Inspection Resource Guide™ and easy to implement programs to advertise these advantages, you can truly Master your Market. Not convinced? Call around to the competitors in your area and get a sense of their level of professionalism and marketing savvy. Understanding who your competitors will be is an important step in the path to joining the system, so this will be time well spent.

*not available in Virginia or Nevada

Q: How much money can I make?

A: The answer is that's up to you! Your efforts towards implementing the system is the most critical variable that will determine your success. As part of the research we require you to do, you will need to call as many franchisees as possible, and this should be one of the questions you ask. You will find our franchisees to be very candid. Our mission is clear, and it is not to have the most franchisees, it’s to have the most successful franchisees.

Q: I don’t have any construction experience, does that matter?

A: No, business and management acumen, computer prowess and the confidence to market your business and manage others are significantly more important. Home inspections are a learnable skill, especially when taught by the most experienced staff in the industry who will continue to provide you with on-going education and support. We also have an executive model where our franchisees can choose to hire inspectors so they can focus on the managing and marketing of the business. About 10% of our franchisees don’t do any home inspections at all.

What HouseMaster primarily looks for in a new franchisee is a full-time commitment to the business, strong people skills, enough capital to comfortably invest in this opportunity, a comfort level with computers, and the motivation to succeed!

Q: No one knows who HouseMaster is in my market? Won’t that hurt my chances for success?

A: HouseMaster is the most respected name in the home inspection industry, but it is not a consumer brand. In areas where HouseMaster does not already have a franchise, there may not be an awareness of the brand. This is why we have such an extensive marketing toolbox; and superior service offerings so you can make the brand and what it stands for, known to the professionals in your new territory.

Q: I’m looking at other home inspection franchises offering a territory with 100,000 Population. Is that the same as Owner Occupied Homes?

A: No! Depending on the area, there could be 3 to 5 people for every Owner Occupied Home in an area. HouseMaster uses Owner Occupied Home counts because that has proven to provide a better understanding of the market’s true potential.


A HouseMaster® Franchise is one of the most affordable franchise opportunities. However, proper funding of initial start-up costs is essential to establish a solid business future. Undercapitalization is the number one cause for small business failure. It is very important to be certain that the necessary capital will be available to get your franchise off on the right track.

The Initial Franchise Fee is $42,500 for an area up to 75,000 Owner Occupied Homes and approximately 250,000 in population.

The following table represents an estimate of the total initial investment (initial franchise fee + additional expenses) you will incur in establishing your franchise.

Note: These cost estimates do not include franchise salary or living expenses while building the business. Review the Disclosure Document for all details regarding costs, expenses and initial investment estimates.